[Event] - Grand Opening/Old West Party!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Having a ball yet? Yeah, EMC can do that for ya.
    Here's the thing...
    Me and my friends have started a Horse Corporation called Acres Horse Corp.
    Me and my staffs have begun to write down ideas like this one.
    The event comes with a ball(party), a Sheriff's office w/ a funny joke of a Guillotine, Noose, and a Pillory. Like I said, a joke.
    It also includes a saloon, A small horse parking area, a small DP, and a horse race. Cool prizes!

    Make sure to bring a horse, (NO ARMOR) if you want to race. (small slots, will be crowded!)
    Also, make sure to bring a date. This isn't SMP8. In fact--it's on Utopia. Events are on residences: 5615 and 5617!
    The time isn't announced! Just know it's in the time period of the next 3 weeks.
    So I'll be up to date when I can for questions. Be free to ask!
    See y'all soon!

    Y'all have a good one!
    Giddy up horse!
    PS: hosted by all staffs. Mainly SeizureTheSea or AndFeelTheWaves.
    You can ask: loveheart4521, CatherineLuv, Ducky150, Picklez27, PhoenixAffinity, ChrissyL,
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  2. Adding Firefloor and Bow Fighting Arena!
  3. The bow thing won't work out people. Sorry :/ Though there will be other things to discuss
  4. Took Guillotine out! Sorry, in wrong time period. I'll leave everything else and add stuff as well.
  5. 3rd reply :D
  6. Sounds cool :p
  7. :p *laughs in crowds* Lol, I meant ideas for what else to do :). That could work too abYoshi
  8. lol... The French Revolution doesn't go with old western themes ;) Just saying. Cool Party!
  9. I figured :p just knew today xD
    Did you know....
    The Guillotine was last used in 1977?
  10. So, anyone come up with any good games relative to the "old west" themed party?
    We still have a couple weeks 'till the party information is here.
    Also, the party is all about horses. So all prizes are horse types or materials you use on horses: saddles, armor, carrots, hay bails, etc. Other than the DP, that's all sorts of things.
  11. Added a skin comp.
    To qualify:
    Dress up as the a cow girl/boy, or a gunman, anything else as western kinda' thing.
    Note: doesn't have to be perfect.

    Adding A prize room, for all types of games.
  12. New UPDATE!
    Today the party starts at 11:00 AM EMC time
  13. Changed to 11:30 due to forgetting xD
  14. PARTY'S OFF!
    sorry, another time