[Event] Gettin' Fishy With X, Pt 2!

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  1. Fishing party!

    Hey all! I'm having a fishing party again on my second res this Sunday, at 2PM EMC time. It will be on SMP2, at /v 3472. I'll have as many fishing rods available for free as I can. It doesn't have an end time, you can stay for a few minutes or several hours if you want.

    Remember, all trees can be climbed. Not all paths are obvious, though! Enderpearl flag is on, but firework flag will be off to avoid lag issues.

    If you have any questions, let me know!
    Also, we're going to try to have Breezyman as our DJ again. He's got a booth set up this time.
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  2. what day?
  3. Looks like it will be this sunday.
    I will try to make it.
  4. Hey, everyone who was here last time, how can we improve? What are some things that I can do to make it better?
  5. Keep bucket flag on so I can ruin your lakes. :p
  6. Thinkin ill pass on that, penguin.
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  7. I know this question was asked before, but what day? I wanna try to come. Although, I won't be home from Washington till this Friday. I have to drive. Don't ask why. I'm driving home tommorow. I'm stopping somewhere, then I'm going home.
  8. We all know you're kidding, right?
  9. I asked the same question..
  10. Maybe...
  11. He said "this sunday at 2pm" in the op :)
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  12. Oh.. Didn't see that. Ok, I can come, I'll be there! Unless something comes up.
  13. I like that..
  14. No, he's not kidding. And no, he can't have the flag back.
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  15. Hey, I wasn't the one to wreck it in the first place! :p
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  16. Hey x7mx, I will try to come definitely, I love coming to your fishing parties. I will try to have one too myself someday.