[Event] Gamemakers Wednesday Pot Latch

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  1. I think it's time to say goodbye, I need a very long, long break from this server. I know I have said things like this in the past. but I need to move on from this server. I have grown way too attached to it and it's time to let go. I will be moving to another server. so before this Wednesday I will clear all reses I own on this server except my main one and I will put all of my items into chest in the center of 12685 @ smp6 and on Wednesday I will set container to true. Please Feel free to take what ever you want. The rupees I have accumulated over time will stay with the account for as long as the server is existent, Since it would be best to keep those separate, in case I come back which hopefully will be enough time for me to mature entirely. love you all and enjoy.
  2. So sad you are leaving you will be missed
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  3. I hope things go well in your break and hope you return soon once in a while :)
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  4. As I said on your profile, goodbye! We will miss you :(
    I hope to see you return someday, you should check in every once and a while ;)
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  5. yeah I'll check in. I won't be actively mining yet but I'll log in every once and a while to swing in and see how emc is going.
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  6. Game you gotta promise me that you will join once in awhile to visit us smp6’rs cuz it’s kinda lonely
  7. dw, I promise I will.
  8. Awww, good luck :)
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  9. I guess you are in the same boat, however if it's your decision to have everything taken... I understand. Hope to see you around