[Event] Friday Night Fun

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  1. No event tonight


    Every Friday night I will be hosting events on my residence on smp4. The events will be fun for participants and spectators. There will also be prizes

    All you need to do is show up at 6 pm EMC time to residence 8001 on smp4. The event will last as long as I am able to keep hosting and people are still there. It is recommended that you pay some money to help fund prizes but it is not required. There is a donation chest for contributing to prizes.

    Players start at the top and a question with two answers is asked. Players enter the hole corresponding the answer they pick. I will pull a lever and the players who answers right will safely land and be teleported back up. If a player guesses wrong, they will fall all of the way into the lava and be out of the game. The event will continue until there is one player left. If all players are eliminated without having a definite winner, everyone will be let back in.


    Creature Capture is a game created by IceCreamCow with some modifications. Players are split into two teams. In the two teams, players are divided between a ground floor area and a raised platform. Those on the ground will be given dye and will need to dye the sheep their team's color. The people on top will need to use fishing rods to pull the sheep closer to their team mates. Whoever has the most sheep after a certain amount of time wins.

    Please donate to the event. The prizes are great and something I want to keep. All donations will be given out at the next week's event.

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  3. I hope to be there, authough this will be 1 hour before my pvp event.
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  4. The event shouldn't go over an hour so there shouldn't be any interference with other events.
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  5. Okay, Thanks :D
  6. sounds cool
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  7. There is also a good chance we will run some test rounds of creature capture tomorrow night also so that will be fun.
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  8. 30 minutes to go.
    Also, The answer is cookies.
  9. The event was a huge success and many prizes were given out. We played 4 rounds (if I remember right)
    Next week there will definitely be Creature Capture along with the quiz thing. I can't wait to see everyone again then.
  10. Nice! But can't go. :(
  11. Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means. Along with trivial towers, we will be playing a couple games of Creature Capture. I can't wait to see you all there.
  12. Cool, I won't be able to make it though..
    I am going to my friends Birthday sleep over :D
  13. It's Friday and you know what that means. 20 minutes until Friday night fun
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  14. Another week, another fun event. There were 2 rounds of Trivial towers and 2 rounds of Creature Capture. Everything went well although I will be fixing one design flaw for next week. We did learn that non-supporters can beat the gold supporters in Creature Capture :p.Over 10k rupees were given out. I hope to see everyone again next week.
  15. I can't go :(
  16. It was really fun, and I found that Creature Capture is harder than expected :eek:
  17. today is Friday so time to play some games. Creature capture and trivial towers are on the schedule.
  18. I can't go today it's not late sorry am in England it's only 7:00 tho but my mum is on it she is on her website
  19. Oh yeah and is it on smp5
  20. I'll see if I can go how busy is it tho what and what are the chances of me getting a good prizes