[EVENT] First DP being held at my SMP9 Event Space!

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Will you be able to come?

Yes :D 7 vote(s) 43.8%
No :( 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Maybe... 6 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. With the DP area on my SMP 9 Event space complete, why not kick start it with a Drop Party? This Drop Party will feature horse eggs, ALOT of them!

    Event Time: 2pm EMC Time, August 1st

    Event Location: /v 18319 on smp9

    Current List of Items being dropped:

    2 DC of 116-119 speed horses
    1 1/2 DC of 120-125 speed horses
    1 DC of 90-99 jump horses
    5 126-129 speed horses
    1 130+ speed horse
    2 sets of Diamond Horse Armor
    5 sets of Gold Horse Armor
    10 sets of Iron Horse Armor
    10 Saddles
    1 SC Enchanted Books
    2 Vault Vouchers
    1 stack of Gold Ingot
    1 stack of Diamond + 8
    1 stack of Emerald + 18
    2 stacks of Pumpkin
    1 stack of Slime Blocks
    1 stack of Melon Blocks
    1 Name Tag
    1 Starter Shovel, Sword and Pickaxe (undamaged)

    Item Donations ARE being accepted! The list will be updated once a day to include donations and additional items I have added! Dirt will be accepted, but there will not be any more than 2 stacks.

    I hope plenty of you can show up to make this a successful Drop Party!
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  2. :eek:

    Ill try to come, not sure though
  3. I won't be able to make it as I will be on holiday, but I hope that this event goes great and that everybody has fun!
  4. I'll try to come....I think I will be able to but I'll double check.

    Edit: Yep I think so.......
  5. :D Yay! Im glad to here that! That's too bad FDNY, there will be more fun events coming this August :)
  6. I'd love to come, but unfortunately it's at 3:00AM for me :(
    Good luck to everyone else though! :)
  7. Bummer, timezones are very weird aren't they?
  8. The list was edited! New Items added!
  9. BUMP! More Items added!
  10. I hope to get there in time, as I'm working on breeding the best possible non-white horse. Speaking of horses, I can't seem to find any for sale at 6147. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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  11. GL on breeding that horse! I actually bred a creamy horse with black dots with 130 speed a few days ago, so it is very much possible :)
    Also, about the shop tag still being on 6147, I do sell horses there, just not ones you can buy automatically. Theres a small diorite building next to the big house on the resident that has a bunch of chests filled with horse eggs, those are my extra horse eggs and in the back I sell 126-129 speed horses. You'll need to ask me about those, but my main shop is on /v 7886 now where you will be able to buy lower stated horses automatically. I'll put a few signs indicating where I have my 90+ jump and 126+ speed horses. Thanks for posting that!
  12. BUMP! The Drop Party will start at 2pm EMC time tomorrow! You will not be able to donate at all tomorrow unless you find me!
  13. Thank you everyone for showing up to the Drop Party! Also Special thanks to MoeMacZap for donating killer items!