[EVENT] Firework Show

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How many Empire FIreworks do you have?

1! 3 vote(s) 33.3%
2! 4 vote(s) 44.4%
3! 1 vote(s) 11.1%
4 or more! 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. READ!!! *** This is an EDIT from the original post!!! New show posted!!!
    Event: Firework Show
    What does this have? Amazing fireworks and a lot of redstone.
    WHEN??? The event will take place on Friday the 19th at 10:00pm US Eastern.
    Where??? The firework show will be on Smp-1, Residence 1075. Step on the "Firework Show" telepad.
    Why??? Just for A LOT of FUN!!! The last one was awesome! Lets make this one even better!
    A few notes:
    *Please do NOT bring your own fireworks to the show. This may ruin it for others.
    *Please do not block jump over the wall, you will be granted access after the show to see all the redstone.
    *After wards there will be a cookie drop party. The only people that will know about this are the ones who actually took the time to read this long text. Don't tell anyone in the comments. Act normal.
    *The button F1 is your best friend at this event.

    The time may change, but it will most likely stay the same. Be sure though to check up on this thread for further delays.
    Thanks, and lets make this a great event!!!!
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  2. [COMMENT RESERVATION] This comment is reserved for future delays. It probably won't be used, but check every couple of hours just in case.
  3. I have an independence day firework
  4. Cool. I got one too!
  5. Can't wait for the event!
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  6. Does an independence day firework count?
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  7. I am banned!!! :eek:
    Why you stab me? Gamecrib...
  8. I lost 2 Empire Fireworks...
  9. Three more hours until one of the greatest firework shows on EMC!
  10. 15 minutes peoples!
  11. It was fun. I took a lot of pictures so here they are

    2013-07-17_20.01.07.png 2013-07-17_20.01.51.png 2013-07-17_20.01.59.png 2013-07-17_20.02.04.png 2013-07-17_20.02.26.png 2013-07-17_20.02.28.png 2013-07-17_20.02.41.png 2013-07-17_20.03.05.png 2013-07-17_20.03.08.png 2013-07-17_20.03.10.png 2013-07-17_20.03.13.png 2013-07-17_20.03.16.png 2013-07-17_20.03.18.png 2013-07-17_20.03.20.png 2013-07-17_20.03.22.png 2013-07-17_20.03.28.png 2013-07-17_20.03.32.png
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  12. Thanks a lot to everyone who could make it out! It was truly an amazing night!!!

    Thanks to all the people that donated too!
  13. I had an incredible time! Thank you, Hash, for doing this! :D
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  14. No! THank you for helping me with the music! I look forward to continue working with you in the future!
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  15. REDOING the main post for the next event!
  16. Changes have been made! :)
  17. Be sure to attend our firework show tonight at 10:00 p.m. US Eastern!!! Located on Smp-1, at 1075. Step on the "Firework Show" telepad.

    *New Wall design.
    *New Fireworks
    *New Setup
    *Added Huge firework
    *New location for donation chest.
  18. Too late for me, missed 1st one.