[EVENT] Firefloor at Noon (my time = CDT)

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 10, 2014.

  1. So normally this happens on Sundays when we don't have the Empire Games, but due to it being Mother's Day and all tomorrow, Firefloor has been moved to today (May 10th).

    Meet me on smp4 at /v firefloor to participate.

    Winner of each of 3 rounds gets:
    -The opportunity to play "Last Block Standing" for a chance at a Orange Krysyy head.

    Screenshot at 11-14-42.png
  2. what time is CDT i'm PAC time?
  3. krys are we aloud to have speed potions ??
  4. im gona guess CDT time is central
  5. Buffs flag will be off I think.
  6. Yes, Central Daylight Time
  7. For anyone confused, this is starting in 15 minutes!
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  8. I'll show up some time later then... you welcomed members.
  9. On my way ;)
  10. looks like i'm hold an after party as i need my laptop as this computer hates minecraft...
    Edit not Mojang didn't know we'd got did computer wiped to fix it... so DELL!

    ...ok so MINECRAFT/lava/computer