[Event]FireFloor and Drop Party!!!!

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  1. hey Every,one im here to tell you that on 6/8/16 keonizer and I are going to have a drop Party and a FireFloor ,In firefloor you are able to get 1st , 2nd , 3rd place .PRIZE's!!!!!!

    FOR FireFloor PRIZE'S are!!!!
    In 1st: Dragon's Head, Iron Block's ,etc.
    In 2nd: Dragon's Head ,etc.
    In 3rd: Mob Heads, Zg_zebra1 head, keonizer head

    Event Info

    Events starts at: 2:30pm
    My Time Zone : Pacific
    Event Ending at: I don't Have one xD

    Need help finding Time Zones ?

    Go to http://www.timebie.com
    For help

    Thank You And Hope To See You There
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  2. Sounds fun, I will try and make it
  3. I will be there :D
  4. Sorry Drop Party And FireFloor is @ SMP5 /v +zgfunland