[EVENT] Fire Floor

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  1. Event: Fire Floor
    Location: SMP9 Res 18823
    Time: 11:30pm BST EMC Time 6:30pm 5th August 2014

    The reason for this event is just for fun, there is no special occasion. So all people must enjoy them self s at the event :D

    There will be 5 rounds of this fire floor, the size of it is 64 x 64 and I will be setting fire myself to the leaves, It will be fair so please no moaning if you do fall down.
    Of course there will be prizes for the winners of each round.

    Round 1: 3 Wither skulls, Signed book by me "The Wither"
    Round 2: A Fire Maxarias head, Signed Book "The Mummy"
    Round 3: Nether star, Signed book "The Death"
    Round 4: Beacon, Signed Book "Reincarnation"
    Round 5: Stable Voucher, Signed Book "Death Note"
    All these items are a story telling prizes, if you want to know the whole story you need to win all rounds, or buy the other ones of people. If you do win a round you are always allowed to still play for the other rounds. If you fall down you will have to wait in till the end, you will be ready because every time you fall its onto the next level, but I will only burn a floor once a round is finished. When all rounds are done you will then get your prizes, I will keep it going so we don't have stops so people have more fun and don't have to wait so long.

    RULES: NO Block Glitch
    NO Rudeness towards other players at the event
    NO No moaning on when we will be starting before we start
    NO Speaking in town chat when your at the event. stay to /c r or /c l
    YES Enjoy yourself as much as you can
  2. I'll be there
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  3. This sounds like a cool event :) Will the five rounds be fluent then? I saw something that hinted that all five rounds basically carry on at the same time? :D
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  4. Yes they will be, So once the pressure plate at the star is gone you wont be able to TP away otherwise you cant get back in, so I will keep it going in till all rounds have finished.
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  5. That's a clever way of doing it, I shall try to go for all five books then I suppose! ;)
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  6. Might be there not sure but pretty sure I will be :p xD
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  7. Event is on today, hope to see you all there :D
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  8. I'll try and be there. Is it OK if I record it?
  9. Sure yh record it if you want to.
  10. Hope to see must of you guys there, you'll enjoy your self a lot hopefully see you there :D
  11. starting in 20 mins see you there
  12. Event starting in 5 mins if playing come right now :D
  13. Thanks for the event! It was a ton of fun. :D
  14. Thanks everyone who came to play congratz for the winners :D FDNY21, captaincraft300 and Cfcdog13
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  15. If you missed it don't worry there will be plenty more events in later life :D