[EVENT] Find The Goody's!

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  1. Find The Goody's
    Find The Goody's Is Hosted By SuperKatt_HD and Zion_Moyer

    The way to play is when it's time to start, everyone dig's inside the square.
    Underground there's 6-8 blocks with codes on them
    If your the first one to find one, you win a prize
    Your goal is to be the first one to find one :)
    Underground there are other blocks/items, You can keep the ones you find.
    Right when you find a coded block/item mail it to me or Zion as fast as you can
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Bring A Shovel!
    10:00 EMC Time /smp6 /v 12606

    No Alts Please
    Be Honest And Fair
    Be Nice And Kind
    Do Not Steal From Others
    Be Sure To Have Fun :D
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  2. Zion_Moyer It's Posted For Us! :D
  3. Can you make the time earlier? Some people on the east coast might be dead by then, hint hint :p
  4. This look s fun !
  5. Awesome event. I had lots of fun! :D
  6. You posted for an event 2 hours before it happened?
  7. Yeah. That was a little Crazy, I don't get why.
  8. Hey Katt how did you create a Poll to see If people were gonna go to your event?
  9. When you go to create a thread underneath you can add a poll, you can set the poll options to whatever and mess with certain settings ;)