[Event] Fill Up That Mumble! Hosted by the EMC Militia! (Win 15k)

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  1. Hey everybody!

    The EMC Militia is hosting an awesome event on our Mumble Server!
    Our goal is to have a Full Mumble server (100 members connected at once) If we reach this goal, we will be randomly giving away 15,000r to one of the Members connected!

    • Date: Monday, April 1st
    • Time: 6:00pm PST to 8:00pm PST
    • Details: This event is open to ANYBODY, The address is aikar.co, and you can use the default port

    Thank You everybody! Hopefully we will be giving a way 15k!
  2. Friendly Bump :)
  3. Curious, why not use the EMC official mumble so we can get more people on it and you can talk to other EMC players?
  4. Agreed, Wouldn't that Just be easier overall? EMC Mumble has a lot more slots too (I think its 100)
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  5. It would be nice to have more people on mumble anyways.
  6. Haha, in all honestly I didn't even know there was one! I assume that's what is in your signature?
    Anyways I totaly agree, and I will update the OP
    Thanks :D
  7. What even is mumble? i downloaded it to check it out and am pretty confused on what it even is.
  8. Bump cause why not
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  9. Never used may mumble so meh why not, I may give its shot.
  10. Thanks so much, lol I had forgotten to do that
  11. How Long?
  12. It starts in 30 minutes, but I highly doubt this will happen :p
  13. i like how there are only a small number of players on mumble, allows it so we can talk about more personal things because everyone on the "mumble crew" got to know each other better. If there were to be more people that would be good, but if more people were to join it, Aikar could you make a special channel for the "mumble crew." or could you see if Max could do that?