[EVENT] Fashion Show!!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by bezor3, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Hey, Hi, Hello! Have you always wanted to be a super model? Well, now you can, just come to the Fab not Drab clothing fashion show!! Parkes244 is hosting this amazing Fashion show, you don't have to participate just simply watch! Its 10 rupees for a ticket (get at the ticket booth) and 15 rupees to participate (ask Bezor3 if you want to participate)! Be sure to pay Parkes244 not me! This will be going on every Friday at 5:00pm eastern time! I will post something if we are not able to host this fashion show every friday! This fashion show will be located on smp3 residence #6444!! There will be the ticket booth then a place where the models will need to go! When the show is over don't leave just yet there's more!! You will get a chance to win the outfits! They will be numbered and will stand in a line and we will go 1 at a time and the highest bid wins the outfit!! We hope to see you there tonight at 5:00pm eastern time and every other Friday at 5:00pm eastern time!! Don't miss it!
  2. Due to the way the fashion show last night turned out, we are no longer doing it...ever. I am very sorry. :(
  3. How did it turn out?
  4. Well....lets just say it was a mess, people were disrespectful and rude...
    People didn't listen and they were very disrespectful and rude.