[Event] Every Saturday In October!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something new I'm starting :). This is only for the month of October, though. =P So get ready!!

    Every Saturday there is a different game that we'll play. REMEMBER: This is every Saturday until October Ends! The only days we won't be doing it (that are expected) are Halloween (October 31st. I'll be Trick Or Treating in my Hello Kitty Costume :D) and October 3rd, 2015. Those are the only days excepted, if we need to cancel we'll put it in the thread at the end.

    WARNING: This is a set up for next week:

    Tonight's Event:
    Skin Contest

    7:00 EMC Time - 7:15 EMC Time

    smp4, /v Bayymaxx. Then, turn around when you enter spawn and go to the "Skin Contest" teleport.

    Anyone can come, please make sure you tell Max you're coming and you'll be invited the event's group.

    Round 1: No Prizes - 1 Winner.
    Round 2: Prizes - 3 Winners (MULTI-ROUND)
    Round 3: Prizes - 1 Winner (1v1 Round)


    Current Status: The event doesn't look like it is being canceled. Hopefully we won't have to cancel it!

    HOST: Bayymaxx|HelloKittyRo
    CO-HOST: Wanna be a Co-Host? PM Bayymaxx with this link!: http://emc.gs/pm/hellokittyro! To be a co-host you have to answer these questions:
    1. What is this event? (Explain all details)
    2. Who is the Original Host? What's the username, and what event is this?
    3. Why do you think you'll be a good Co-Host?
    4. Have you been a Co-Host before?
    5. Do you have a realm? If so, what do you do in it? (Explain everything with all detail)
    6. Do you have your own multiplayer server? What's the IP, and what are the staff members?
    7. What Event is being hosted this week?
    8. What's your username?
    9. Are you a retired staff, or retired team member?
    10. What is the EMC Wiki Events tell us?
    Then, I'll review your answers! Remember: Only 1 person will get it! That person might just be you! [NOTICE: EVERY WEEK THE CO-HOST WILL CHANGE UNLESS NOBODY APPLIES]