[EVENT] Envoy's 1000th Day Celebration

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  1. Event Type: Drop party

    Event Description: This event is in honor of my 1000th day of being a member on Empire Minecraft. It will be a drop party, and in general, a good time!

    Event Time/Date: August 26th, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST)
    *Possibly subject to change depending on school

    Event Location: The event will be held at my residence, which is 1255 on SMP1.

    Prizes: There will be prizes, including custom armor, weapons, Empire items, ore blocks, and more!

    Donations: I would appreciate donations if anyone would like to make them. Either rupees or material items. If you want to donate rupees, please message me on the forums. If you wish to donate items, there is a hopper at my residence (1255 SMP1). Be sure to message me so I can give you credit for donating!

    I will be posting more updates as things unfold over the next 24 days!
    Super excited for this event, and you should be too!
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  2. EMC 26th of August?
  3. What do you mean by that? Yes, it will be on EMC on the 26th of August.
  4. The time, I'm in Australia and this is an American based server and America is one day behind Australia. So is it America 26th of August?
  5. Yes, you're correct rainbow. It will be the 26th of August in America.
  6. Congrats! I can't even imagine how different EMC must have been before Aikar, Krysyy, and Maxarius joined (according to their /p info), as I've only been here for just over two years. What have been the best/worst things that have happened during your tenure on the server?
  7. you will be joining the club around the general time I am, mine is in about 7 days
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  8. Watching the server grow and prosper has easily been one of the best things that I have ever seen during my time playing this server. You make friends, they move on, you move on, you make new friends...it's been great. Worst thing that happened during my tenure was watching Justin leave. That was easily the toughest thing I dealt with on the server.
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  9. Glad to see you joining the 1k club. I will try to make it.
  10. Just wanted to make a suggestion for anyone attending the party: Use the Summerfields texture pack on my residence; it will look much better.
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  11. Sorry to have to do this, but I have to cancel the 1000th day party for now. I might throw a double party when my three year anniversary comes up, but right now, my life is just too busy to formulate anything coherent. Sorry for everything guys.
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  12. Update in the above post. Sorry for third post in a row, but people have to know.