[EVENT] Empire Let's Make A Deal

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  1. Hello! I'm planning to host an empire version of LMAD! HEre are the sprecifications:

    Event Type: Game show interpretation

    Event Description: If you do not watch LMAD here is a breif description... The Dealer (Wayne, or in this case me) will randomly pick people from the audience, in this case I will have a name drawing to ensure fairness. If I pick you, you come up to the front and I will give you several options, heres an example:
    You could take 1000 rupees, or take the single chest
    Whatever you pick you have, but if you pick a zonk then you don't get anything at all.. I'll have a fun time thinking up the zonks, ha. Any questions, ask below. Other people who have seen LMAD, don't be afraaid to help explain. I will have four rounds, five if I get enough donations

    Event Time/Date: Friday, August the 17th 10:00 EMC time. Please do not ask what EMC time is. Simple open chat, look at a message and that will show you what the EMC time is. Simply convert to that.

    Event Location: 4688 on SMP2, when the event is happening the res deafault teleport will be set in the LMAD room.

    A stack of diamonds.
    Packages - not listed yet, but will have things like mining packages, building packs, ect.
    Plenty of zonks ;) More rupee prizes to come!

    Donations: Please donate if you want! I could use everything from rupees to promos, please visit 4688 or PM me on the forums if you'd like to donate. I'll give you credit for donating!
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  2. What does lmad stand for?
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  3. Let's Make A Deal
  4. Are you still doing this? It sounds like it would be fun.