[EVENT] Empire Games: Parkour Race!

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  1. Parkour Race
    Don't forget! FINALS TODAY, April 13th.
    The fun starts at 2 pm CDT at /v emcgames on smp8.

    This course is going to be a bit different than the other events.

    First person to the top wins!


    For all things related to the Empire Games event, please see the links below...
    Info Post:
    Application for Competitors:
    Current Entry List (manually updated):
    Calendar of Events:
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  2. Of all the events I want to do, this is the main one...
    But with my luck lately, probable won't be able to attend :(
    {EDIT} 1st~
  3. So pumped lol! hopefully i can make it at 2:30 EST. I may not though. Will there be retakes kryssy?
  4. As this is a race between multiple people for the qualifiers, the answer is no unfortunately.
  5. Is cdt central time?
  6. Krysyy, I know for a fact that some members on the list are either banned or have quit emc. Please update it :p
  7. That list is to give me a rough estimate. Anyone that comes can participate, if they are there in time for the event.
  8. So excited :)
  9. Might not be able to attend due to timezones :( Could you possibly get some other staff to help krysyy so that us Europeans could attend? :p
  10. It's a race, so everyone on your server has to go at once.
  11. Ok well when can I attend?
  12. But I'm SMP7 and I might not be able to attend that time :p Or do I do it at an earlier time?
  13. Everyone on smp7 will be running at the same time. It is a racing event with no practice.

    The course will be available for fun after sunday's competition.
  14. Ok I possibly won't be able to compete then :/
  15. cool cant wait
  16. Good job Faithcaster. We have an awesome backup now!
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  17. You were great to watch guys. True spirit of a great community :)
  18. god darn it i missed the event there should be a makeup pool of wild cards...
  19. *sweeps dust off alt*
    Good luck to the other competitors :)
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