[EVENT] Empire Big Brother

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  1. Have you all heard of the TV show Big Brother? If not, click the hyperlink and read all about it!

    I've had a great idea over the past few weeks - why not make our very own Big Brother house, right here on Empire Minecraft?!

    In order to complete this huge project we'll definitely need donations for materials, blueprint ideas, helpers, filmers and most importantly, contestants!

    To sign up to be a helper on Big Brother EMC, send either myself or AvonCalling69 a private message online, we'll get back to you ASAP!
    If you'd like to be a contestant, however, please fill out the following:

    What you do in your spare time:
    Why we should choose you:

    My younger brother, Bunda153, will be helping me run the soon-to-be-created account made especially for this purpose; BigBrotherEMC. AvonCalling69 will be helping run the video programs for the filmers, because we're turning it into a special show, which will be posted every Saturday afternoon (Perth Time).

    Thank you,

    (Sponsors needed.)
  2. Bump of sadness
  3. Bump of Happiness :D
    lolz I would be the overly cool dude >.>
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  4. Seems fun.
  5. I can help edit the film. I have a movie editor I just downloaded and haven't had much of a use for.

    One thing is I always thought of Big Brother as a show that involves a lot of talking and living together. I have never seen it but from the commercials it would definitely need to be adjusted for Minecraft to have more action.
  6. Same, here. While jkrmnj is a little techier than me I can still make magic with imovie
  7. Male/Female: As far as I know, Male.
    Personality: I'm shy with new people, but when I'm comfortable with others, I tend to go a little wacko. I am an athlete, and love cats. And How I Met Your Mother.
    What you do in your spare time: I usually read, and if I'm not reading, I'm outside or watching How I Met Your Mother. I do this weird game Minecraft sometimes.
    Why we should choose you: Because. I would be like, the only teletubby there. Duh. Seriously though, I'm competitive and I watch Big Brother, so I might know some strategy, and it seems fun to do with the community.
  8. Male/ Female: Male
    Persona: Shy, krazy, willing to kill
    Spare time: Zone out, think of the future
    Why me?: I'll willing to do anything to win, I might go krazy irl, and in game.....