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  1. The Amazing Race is a TV show that involves contestants completing challenges and racing across the world to be the first across the finish line. I am taking that idea and bringing it to Minecraft.

    The race will have about 12 teams of 2. They will race together across the Empire Wilderness. Along the wilderness, they will be completing tasks. Tasks will either be roadblocks, or detours.
    Roadblocks: A roadblock requires one of the team members to finish a task without help. Any team with a member that tries to help, will be penalized.
    Detour: This requires teams to choose one of two options. They must complete one of these options to continue. They may work together.

    Each team will have to travel from the wilderness spawn to an outpost. The course will be predetermined I won't say any more than that it will be on Smp2. They will start with absolutely nothing and will need to gather items to stay alive on the trip. This adds a new element to the game. Everyone wants to rush ahead and stop for nothing, but they will soon run out of hunger. Players who do this will also not have the tools to hunt or fight. On the other hand, a player who gets too much resources and takes too much time may not be able to catch up with the other teams. All teams will need to find a balance. The race will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

    Races will be recorded and posted on Youtube. They will be split into smaller 10-15 minute chunks. The finally may be live streamed along with a q and a with the contestants.

    Obviously, events need very strict organization. Here are some ways things will remain organized.
    • All teams will be connected via a voice chat. This gives players a way to communicate. All of those who are a part of the staff will be in a separate video chat to organize while the race is going.
    • Cameramen will follow teams around and record the event. Each cameraperson will have a specific job decided before the event.
    • There will be a crew. The crew will include about 7-10 camera men, an executive assistant, and 3-5 people ready to prep the areas and make sure no on has tampered with it. I will be the host for the event and will take one special player from the server we are on.

    Getting to be a part of this.
    Copy the correct application and fill out the information. Not all players will be accepted.
    Age on Empire:
    Can you Skype while playing?
    Teammate you would like to have (say any of you don't care)?
    Can you follow directions?
    can you dedicate 10-15 minutes to the event at a time?
    Anything else you want to say?
    Age on Empire:
    Previous work if any:
    Why you should be chosen:
    Assistant planner
    Please pm me with ideas for roadblocks/detours and reasons why you want to help

    Anything else you want to say. Post it here. Also, please nominate a player who is prominent on smp2 as the assistant host.
  2. Sounds like a good idea and a little like the race they had a while back(that was only get as far as possible, no tasks kinda thing, but they had to stay within local chat range), Remember to ask Mods if they will help before assuming they will ;D
    aside from that, having every person recording may become more difficult then you think, having 1 person assigned to each team as a recorder seems more plausible
    It would be interesting to see what kind of tasks would need to be completed though, I vote a maze, and some sort of hidden switch challenge
  3. Thanks for the feedback. The everyone recording will be a bit cumbersome but it is important to capture every moment. I may do like you said and get a recorder for each team. I am not entirely sure why I would need any of the mods' help, but if they want to, they can. This event is on EMC so I don't need one at the event.
  4. Age on Empire: 156 days
    Can you run skype and a screen recorder without a watermark at a very decent framerate? Yeah, but it won't be fitted right because I don't have a section recorder
    Teammate you would like to have (say any of you don't care)? I have no teammate, can be paired up.
    Can you follow directions? Yep
    can you dedicate 10-15 minutes to the event at a time? Yep
    Anything else you want to say? I love the idea, but recording from me will be tricky because my computer is a older mac so it doesn't like new software :)
  5. Thanks. I will not be accepting any contestants until I get closer to the start date and get more applicants. Until then, you can keep watching this for news. This doesn't mean that others shouldn't reply with applications.

    I am thinking of just using camera men for each team. This means we need more of them. At least 15 to have one with every team and a few to get other shots.
  6. Bump. Still looking for an executive helper and cameramen. Don't forget to nominate an assistant host.
  7. Bump. I will actually be accepting players when they apply. Chizmaro, you are accepted.
  8. Bump again. I have been using the live map to check things out and visit in game. I am still looking for multiple jobs that must be filled to have this event.
  9. Bump again for the night.