[Event] EMC superbowl celebration!

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  1. Event Type: Capture the Tower (best football Minecraft thing i would think of)

    Event Description: Capture The Tower is a minigame that includes pvp (not including this one) that
    each team tries steal the others tower. In this game I will have 2 teams of 20. Red and Blue. And 5 refferies. To stop the other team from capturing you must hit them with a stick that I provide 5 times in order for it to be considered a kill. The tower is 3 blocks of gold on top and 1 obsidian on the bottom. you have to have it strait up to be considered a tower. More on this will be here: http://www.wattpad.com/36185374-emc-ctt-event?d=ud

    Time and Date: TBA Most likely February 1st. Time will be announce.

    Event Location: Smp3 /v MineMeetsRoblox Follow signs till you see the building. (will say lot number later forgot it ;P)

    Prizes: The winners will get to be in the Hall of fame on my res. Each Winner/Reff. gets an invite to a private drop party with some valuables. And also a diamond.

    Donations: If you would like to donate Stuff for the Drop party or some building blocks (Stone, wool, die, quartz, wood, ect.) I will have some hoppers set up for that. it would be very much apreaciated! (I do not have it set up yet.) If you donate please send me a message on forums and you will be added to the list of donators and *get invite to the drop party.

    *Must be over a stack of materials besides dirt. no dirt.

    Also!!!! I need a list of teams Sign up

    Preferred Team:
    How long have you been on the empire:
    and make a convo of me and 3 others who say you wont cheat.


    None so far D:

    Will have more than one of these events. So this is just like a sticky one.
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  2. First I can do 10r :/ That's all... I have 135 r xD
  3. I'll donate a SC of potions and 4 stacks of ender pearls. When will this be?
  4. Potions i cannot use sorry. That would be able to be considered pvp. Pvp is not allowed on the empire. The ender pearls will be useful. Tanks.
    Oh thx. dont bother. I just need building materials and stuff like that.
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  5. He means like speed and stuff. :p
  6. Oh yeah that would be awesome!
    Also the event has no set time because i still have to build the staduim i am shooting for the first of febuary