[Event] Dwight's Iron Pyramid Maze

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  1. 2013-09-27_17.59.42.png

    Dwight's Iron Pyramid Maze
    Event Starting Time
    Oct 19th
    5pm Cst
    Event Location
    Smp9 18004
    Signed Book by me
    Dwight Mob Head
    Deathtomb8953 Head
    Signed Book by Death
    20k Rupees
    Time Countdown

    Creators of the maze
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  2. Event Bump....
  3. Looks cool, I dunno if I can come though.
  4. I'll try and be there :p
  5. Countdown pls
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  6. My body is ready...
  7. So... how does the maze event work? Is it a different maze every time?
  8. I've only been to one but I think that's how it works

    If it's a fence maze again, I'm going to be so mad -_-'
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  9. Im a GMT, so that is 10 pm on saturday - I shall be there :)
  10. This starts at 11pm my time c:
    Might not be able to make it since I'm at my Mum's house this weekend :l
    Even more so since the last event lasted for around 2 hours ( I think :p )

    Edit: Hopefully no 'moving objects' like pistons or anything
    My Mum's computer is horrific .___. (My Dad doesn't even trust her enough to let me take my laptop)
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  11. Is the maze the same every time or do you change it around every event?
  12. It is changed each time to prevent the same people winning again and because it is unique each time :)
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  13. Good.
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  14. Yes I do change it up to keep it fun and making it challenging. The maze should be actually easier now since many members have gone through it. :D
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  15. Gone through it?
    You mean, several people already know how to get to the end?
    Will these people be able to compete?
  16. No, only 2 members have beaten it but alot have came close to beating it. Of course I change it every event I have. :D
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  17. Maze event bump
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  18. 2? i thought there was only one before this