[Event] Dropper Party Celebrating 2 years

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  1. Well, It's official, as of Feb 2nd I will have been an EMC member for 2 years.

    To celebrate, my first ever drop party has been planned to celebrate this milestone.

    But here's the twist, not one item will come out of my hands... I have set up 15 droppers, which will all be full and are hooked up to timers in the ceiling 28 blocks above the ground floor. The droppers are set up in an 21x21 area, and oh yea, the floor is nothing but packed ice (and a few glowstone for light). To top that off, I have added 4 dispensers full of exp bottles (that's 36 stacks of exp bottles) rigged to break at the ceiling. It will be raining EXP the whole time. So I think this is a one of a kind drop party you won't want to miss.

    Here's the details...

    February 2, 2014 @ 3pm EDT

    smp4 @ res 8006

    [Notable Prizes]
    Enchanted Swords, Bows, Tools, and Armor
    Various Enchantment Books
    Various Potions
    4 Stacks of Quartz Blocks
    4 Stacks of Chiseled Sandstone
    4 Stacks of Glass
    16 "Not Special Dirt" (EMC Exclusive)
    Vault Page Voucher (EMC Exclusive)
    Turkey Slicer (EMC Exclusive, accidently has been used once :()
    4 Zombie Virus (EMC Exclusive)
    Gold Horse Armor
    Diamond Horse Armor
    3 Stacks Glowstone
    3 Stacks of Redstone Blocks
    1 Stack of Redstone Ore

    1 Stack of Lapis Blocks
    1 Stack of Villager Spawn Eggs
    1 Beacon
    Various Player Heads (Including 10 "pugfury" heads)
    and lots of other stuff.

    Donations are not needed but would be appreciated, especially some staff heads ;). If you would like to donate something, there is a donation center at res 9099 (turn around when you spawn).

    Please only 1 account per person. No Alts.

    I hope to see you there and if possible, this will be recorded for a YouTube video.

    Edit Notes:
    1.) Updated Prize List. Added more donation info.
    2.) Added rule for no alts.
    3.) Added in info for EXP dispensers.
    4.) Updated Prize List.
    5.) Updated General Info.
  2. Will be attending of course ;)
  3. Hopefully will be there. I don't get on to most drop party because of time zones but this is 1 I don't want to miss!

    EDIT = ok so it 8.00pm (GMT) for me but I'll be there. Also I'd like to donate my head, a prototype Ironic sword I'm going to sell (exclusive to me) and some scary candy/shiny mob drops.
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  4. Yeah it's at 8 for me I can come. :)
  5. Thank you for your donations, I have a donation center setup at 9099 on smp4 (turn around when you spawn).

    On a side note: Vitiri has donated a Beacon and a few more player heads. Thank you to him and I updated the OP to reflect that.
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  6. Just a small update..

    I've added in dispensers full of exp. Updated OP.
  7. woo I shall try my best to be here conrats!!!
  8. Thank you to SkareCboi who donated 10 of his heads to the dropper party also.
  9. Thank you to QuarterStop, donated 1 stack of glowstone, 2 stacks of redstone blocks, and 1 stack of redstone ore.

    Updated OP.
  10. At first I thought it was 12:00 AM for me then I realized it was 12 PM for me. Comming maybe
  11. IronicSwordPlay has donated 2 DC of items and stackables. maybe some pics would help spread the word. I'll work on that, but to update, due to the sheer quantity of items being dropped, I've added 6 more droppers and expanded the area to 21x21.
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  12. Bumping as only 5 days left until this historic event, mark your calendars
  13. Dang it, I'll be in Chinese school. :(
  14. Wait. Nvm. Chinese New Years vacation!
  15. I can't be there, BUTTTTT
    HAPPY 2 YEARS!!!
  16. Nice, great system, i'll come along so i can see how it works at least :)

    And congratz on enjoying the Empire for so long :)

    This is 9am NZT (New Zealand Time) :) I'll have to throw the kids off the computer, which in itself will be a 30 min physically and mentaly exhausting exercise. lol
  17. My mom feels your pain. Just yell (or coax) them and they'll get off the computer. ;)
  18. Congratulations!
    9099 is looking nice.
    And your signature cracks me up, I was there that day.