[EVENT] Diggy for Diamonds

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  1. What is it?: Today at Res# 1946, a total of 26 valuable blocks, 13 gold and 13 diamond blocks can be found underneath the soil! It's a treasure hunt for the ages!

    When?: Today, at 7:45 PM Eastern Time.

    Where?: SMP1, residence number 1946

    Prizes?: A possibility of 13 gold and diamond blocks, that's a total of 234 diamonds and gold ingots!

    Other important details: Shovels will be selling at 100r a pop at a residence nearby, # 1745. It is highly recommended you bring your own digging supplies. c:

    NO CHEATING. Anyone who suspiciously digs straight down to 10 diamond blocks in 5 minutes will be banished from the Empire, PERMANENTLY (as per the rules)

    I will periodically provide free diamonds for players randomly, and if you bring some wood you can even build new shovels as they break at res # 1745, if you so choose.

    Don't forget to bring a pick in case you find a block!

    The event will be televised as well!

    Everyone is invited! Bring some friends! Let's get ready to DIG! :)