[Event] Diamond Block Challenge

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  1. Hello everyone, this event is to celebrate my 400th day on EMC! The exact time is to be discussed in the comments because I want the most people to be able to show up (Although it will be the weekend of April 19 - 21). EDIT: It's looking like it will be 7 pm EST on April 20 (Saturday)

    This event will take place in the wild of an undisclosed SMP. Participants will start completely empty handed, and will need to set their spawn and die to prove they have no items on them. all resources will be acquired in the wild, and in supply chests hidden throughout the general area, marked with a redstone torch.

    The objective is simple: obtain a diamond block and place it on the monument (also in an undisclosed area). This is a combination of 2 seperate event ideas I had.

    And of course, what kind of event would this be without a prize? *CoughBeaconCough* amongst other things *CoughExperiencePotionsEnchantedBooksAndOreBlocksCough*. You may compete alone or with a partner, but the secret prize may be hard to split.

    If you wish to participate, just tell me with a comment, as well as a time that would work for you. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks and Good Luck :D

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  2. Ill single participate, this is like experienced hungergames :p
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  3. Awesome! This is feeling like a successful event already :D
  4. Will each player have a different area to go to? How will this work?
    EDIT: I say anytime after 12PM EST on any weekend day is good for me :)
    Also Can you do it not on smp3? thanks! :D
  5. explain the rules a bit more...maybe im not reading it right, but is it just like the hunger games? should try and make it a time suitable BST and EST
  6. I want to participate and congrats your 400 days :D
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  7. ill do it, but what server is it on, what time in EST, because i can figure i tout from there, and do you need a diamond pickaxe to mine a diamond block, or can you use an iron one? anytime on a friday or Saturday would work for me, just not extremely at night:) thanks!
  8. Wanna be in a team?
  9. Sure.
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  10. I guess it's comparable to the hunger games although there is no pvp on the servers, you just need to mine enough diamonds to make a block, bring it to the finish and then you win :D
    As for the time I'm thinking somewhere around 1 pm EST April 20 (Saturday), I'll set up a countdown soon
  11. It will be SMP 2, 6, 7 or 8, 1pm EST 20th (probably) and iron picks work :D
  12. Is it cool with everyone if it starts at 7 pm EST instead? I'll be busy until 6 :p This is why I didn't want a definite time in the first place, EST isn't even my time zone xD Note: still April 20th
  13. I believe I can do that
  14. ill try to make it so put me on the list. COngrats on 400th day!
  15. so, do you know exactly what server yet?
  16. I always knew what server it would be on, I just didn't want to say in case people decide to cheat and place chests for them to take items with them. but since the event is tomorrow, I will say its on SMP 6 :D
  17. Also, the time is still subject to change. I'm taking a canoe course this weekend and im not sure what time i'll be back home tomorrow.