[EVENT] DarkRanic's "Digaton" SMP9

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  1. When: TBA
    Where: SMP9 - 18781

    I recently acquired 4 new residences 18781, 18782, 18673, and 18674. Clearing all the dirt from just one of them by myself is going to take quite a long time, so that's why I'm enlisting all of the community to come help clear out 3 1 of them.

    Because of 1.7 coming out I've moved all prizes into one lot and am only having one res cleared out today.

    The event will go down like this First 18782 will be cleared, all supporters and anyone who has a 5+ vote streak will get a 5 minute head start here. Once I see nothing but bedrock and miners I'll open up 18673 and 18674. Once all 3 are spotless, After 18782 is cleared we will be playing trivia on 18781, and I will be buying as much Nether Quartz at 16r each for as long as 100k + donations holds out.

    All prizes for Digging are hidden underneath the residences, they are inside furnaces. The DCs, Rupees, and Month of Iron Supporter have vouchers in their place.

    The Digging Prizes Include:
    64 Emerald Blocks
    64 Diamonds
    1 Turkey Slicers (2013 Thanksgiving Promo diamond sword)
    1 Turfinator (60k members Promo diamond shovel)
    10k Rupees x3
    1 DC of Iron Ingots
    1 DC of Melon Blocks
    1 DC of Birch Logs
    1 DC of Arrows
    1 DC of Sugar Cane
    and A lot of lesser prizes (single diamond blocks, stacks of iron blocks, stacks of emeralds, ect)

    Trivia will have 12k worth of Rupee prizes for correct answers, and 1 Month of Iron Supporter for the first answer from someone with a 5+ vote streak

    The event will start at some time next week. All early bird supporters and voters must PM me, DarkRanic, before 3:30pm to ensure you get your flag before we start.

    Any donations unless specified will be used to buy nether quartz, used to build or given away during the dig/trivia.

    Anyone who attends and has a voting streak of 5+ will get a free entry into a 100 entry drawing for 50k rupees on New Years Eve, worth 500 rupees.
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  2. Sry can't make it :(
  3. Added 1 Month Iron Supporter
  4. How do you decide who gets what prize?
  5. I forgot to put that part I guess :eek:

    Its there now, they are hidden under the residence
  6. Gotta catch them all! (Chests)
  7. Added a DC of Birch Logs and a DC of Melon Blocks
  8. Well I didn't get a single pm so I guess I'll postpone until next week :(