[EVENT] CTF and Other Games!

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    I have a dedicated server that I am currently not using for anything so I decided to host a CTF/Deathmatch/Anything-else-I-can-think-of game.
    The server is a 24 player server and I am holding out 6 spots for me and friends.
    I will not be giving prizes away. Sorry, but I need all my money as I am in the middle of two huge projects.
    I will also be filming this for YouTube for my new channel.
    Let me know if you know of anything else we could do.
    So who would be interested in joining?

    Jungle Canopy

    Nether Arena

    This will be edited as needed.
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  2. I hate to be negative, but this seems like an ad O.e
  3. lol, sorry for the off-topic but your sig xDD
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  4. This is not an ad, this is just for EMCers, and a few of my friends. It is sitting around so why not do something for my favorite server and community?
  5. And besides there's this huge disclaimer...
  6. But the whole forum is saying "Guys check out this server". Lol. I'm not positive on the requirements of a server ad, but this fits my dictionary.
  7. No its not, I forgot we got the new forum so to avoid further argument. So would you post this on the EMC Olympics or Hunger Games thread?
    Will a Mod please add [EVENT} to the title and move it to public Empire Events?
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  8. Right now it looks as though CTF will mainly be played. I will not have a great deal of time to build maps, so I need your help in finding me some!
  9. Can we play king of the ladder? Some kind of spleef, no just regular.
  10. I have never heard of this. Care to elaborate!
  11. We would have to do it in rounds, or multiple ladders. It's usually four to a ladder.
    The object of the game is to be at the top of the ladder when night falls.
    Ladders are placed on all sides of a pillar that towers a fair bit up.
  12. Sounds interesting, we may try it!
  13. I have found a three team CTF map. So would that be something people would've interested in as well?
  14. Umm.....
  15. Just because there is a disclaimer doesn't necessarily mean its true, not necessarily saying this post is an advertisement but I could go:
    So I found this really cool server its at [Ip Here] and its super cool you guys should check it out, not trying to advertise or anything just a really cool economy server

    ^actually an advertisement even though there was a disclaimer

    PS: most likely this post makes no sense...its late
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  16. I realize that the disclaimer doesn't make it an ad, however this is the same thing people are doing for the Olympics, Survival Games, and Bone-Chilling Battles. So why have I been singled out for using another server for PvP games?
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  17. I wasn't trying to single you out I was just saying :p

    Also it might be because this seems less organized that the others which are normally like "hey come to this server and well play 1 round of [insert game here] for like a half hour" whereas this is saying you can play anything whenever you want. (Not against the thread just saying :p )
  18. Some people might not want to play because most events with stuff like the hunger games have a prize. You can always as for donations.
  19. True but I am still trying to figure out a time. If my school is called out tomorrow then we play all day, if not we play in the evening.
    Ill take a look
    in getting some sort of prize together as we speak.