[EVENT] Cookie N' Kit Firefloor~!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Brooke1965, Nov 8, 2015.


Should We Hold This Again?

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  1. Tonight Me, Brook1965 and Kittensse are hosting a firefloor~! There will be lots of fun prizes including:
    *3 DCs Of Fire Res Potions
    *9 Assorted Enchanted Books
    *30 Iron
    *3 Stacks and 45 Glass
    *8 Diamonds
    *24 Rabbit Eggs
    *1 Magical Eggcelent Wand

    Where: /v 18431
    What: Firefloor
    When: 6:00 EMC Time
    Why: For Fun And Good Prizes :p

    We Hope To See You There~
  2. Sound's good, I might be there :)
  3. Bump, shall we hold this event weekly?