[EVENT] Colonial Domination | Real Time Strategy (BETA)

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  1. This game was originally supposed to come BEFORE World of Empires but got pushed back because Cory still had some things to work out for this game.

    This game is similar to WoE, will share a similar map and similar features. But here are the differences;

    Real Time-
    This game will be a real time war game, meaning upgrading buildings and units will take time instead of being instant, and units will take time to move places.

    Instant Joining-
    Since this is not turned based, new players can join and leave as they please. This game will be a continuous game with no end.

    Smaller Territory-
    Since there will be more than 4 players, starting territory on the map will be smaller than in World of Empires. The good thing about this is, you can pick where you spawn.

    Levels will play a HUGE part in Colonial Domination, for example, if a user is a much higher level than the person they want to attack, they won't be able to.

    The map for this game will be done soon, so start requesting to join now!


    Welcome to Colonial Domination! The first real time strategy war game to come to Empire Minecraft! Ready for war, Commander? You better be! This fast paced war simulator will keep you on your toes, and enemies at your door.


    Introducing the new bases, Colonies. Every player will start out with a 3x3 Colony, which includes a Headquarters and a House. In Colonial Domination, you can expand your territory with resources, instead of military force.

    Colonies are the most important part of CD, they house your citizens and resource production buildings. Once your home colony is well established, you can set out to conquer or build new colonies and expand your territory across the land!


    Houses allow a certain amount of workers, without houses you will have no workers, without workers you can not recruit new units or produce resources. By default, everyone begins with one house, which allows 10 workers.

    You can purchase a new house in your colony for 200 resources.

    Houses can be upgraded to hold more workers.


    Houses : Represented in-game by oak stair
    Level 1 Worker Capacity: 10
    Level 2 Worker Capacity: 20
    Upgrade Cost: 200 resources

    Sawmill : Represented in-game by oak log
    Level 1 Production: 50 Resources per hour
    Level 2 Production: 100 Resources per hour
    Upgrade Cost: 200 resources
    Workers required: 5
    Maximum: 3

    Coal Mine : Represented in-game by Coal Ore
    Level 1 Production: 100 Resources per hour
    Level 2 Production: 200 Resources per hour
    Upgrade Cost: 300 Resources
    Workers required: 10
    Maximum: 2
  2. Question, will you be constantly adding new things to the game while the game is going?
  3. Well since this one is continuous, yes.
  4. Ok