[EVENT] City Warfare

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  1. Recently (about 10 minutes ago) I came up with the idea of having a city map and using it as a battleground and having several factions within it.This will be hosted on my private server. The game will start when will fill all the slots.

    Government Leader: fluffinator09
    PFF Leader: Hash98
    Mercenaries (4): generalfelino015, Mrlegitislegit, AmusedStew, 72Volt
    Infected (4): princebee, uglydragon, callummiskelly, sha449
    Government Soldiers (7): SparerToaster, TheEpic5, jacob5089, darksuperlord, RReaper501, HurferDurfer1, collect12
    PFF Soldiers (7): Creeper655, TheMinner333, AlexHallon, alex_jacob, WeirdManacio, plasma131, DaJaKoe
    Green Text Denotes Filled Categories

    Basically game play will be as follows:


    An oppressive force that wishes to rule the people of Fortress City with an iron fist.

    -People's Freedom Force (PFF)

    The freedom fighters of Fortress City. Tired of oppression, they rise up against the Government.


    This group will hire themselves out to the highest bidder. With no unity all they want is a payday.

    No one is sure where this group came from, but they do know is that they try to kill anything and everyone they see.

    Their goal is to protect several key Official buildings within the city, and destroy the Rebels base. These buildings will be as follows:

    Official Telecommunications Office

    Defend The Power Source!

    Official Criminal Investigations Office
    Stop the activation of the TNT on Floor Three to win this objective

    Government Housing Buildings
    2013-03-03_14.31.40.png Search the houses to find the bomb site! Then defend it to win!

    Official Police Academy
    Defend the Rebel Allies from breakout!

    Official Government Offices
    Defend the symbol!

    Government Maximum Security Prison

    There are two stages to this. Defend the main gates, then defend Prison Blocks A-D.

    -People's Freedom Force
    Their goal is to destroy all of the above buildings while protecting their hidden Base.

    Your goal is simple, at the end of the game if you have the most money in the Mercenaries you win.

    The most simple task of all. Just kill everything you see. You can work together or separate from the other Infected. The more kills you get the more abilities become available.**

    Right now there are no rewards BUT if you wish to donate to this event let me know below and we can work out something in private conversation.

    We plan on using this map for the game. It will be modified to some extent so we can have a war in the streets. PLEASE BE WARNED OF LANGUAGE AT THE SPAWN!!!!

    Now here's the exciting part! We will have FULLY FUNCTIONING GUNS as part of our game play. They will be as follows:

    I AM HAVING PROBLEMS FINDING THE PLUGIN. Do not worry, I will fix this!

    To join just comment below to join, and include what position you want in your post!

    *This is the best faction is you can not stay the entire time
    **Abilities mean potions
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  2. I want to be a mercenarie please :D
  3. The reconisscens sniper is the best sniper to hire
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  5. I'll be a mercenarie. :)
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  7. Can I please be a rebel?
  8. Zombieeeee Pleeaaseeee.... *Chomp*
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  10. Rebel, sorry i changed my mind...I mean look at my profile picture
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  12. I was looking through the city and found this XD
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  13. Fluffinator, I May Or May Not Show up as my alt, icefirepb.
  14. Ill be infected :D
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  16. Ok since we are going to be on a whitelist let me know which
  17. you might want to warn people of the signs that greet them...
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  18. Do you think this will happen today? and if so do you have a ETA of what time you think it would start? I know it will start when all the slots are filled but I might not be on my computer all day so a specific time would help.
  19. If the slots are filled up and probably an hour to 30 minutes after they are
    Ill remove them and edit spawn accordingly