[EVENT] Christmas Present Giving!

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  1. Hello EMC. This is kylanrock8 here and I've come to tell you that I am having a Christmas event. If your religion doesn't celebrate this holiday, No Worries! Nothing religious will be involved.

    This is how it works. I will set up a huge tree for the holiday. I will have several chests. You can claim one and put items inside. You can then choose who it is for. I will cover it with wool to look like a present and on December 25th I will allow you to open your presents. I will have a list of people involved so nobody who doesn't want to participate has anything to do with it. This will be set up on smp4. Residence 9126

    [MUST READ] Here is the catch. If you want presents you must give presents. No dirt or anything that you wouldn't want. It is only fair. I will check each one. You can also make a list of things you would like. If someone wants to give you a gift I will let them see your list to help them choose what to get you. To make a list all you have to do is write a book with the items you would like. LISTS ARE NOT UP YET. THEY WILL BE IN A FEW DAYS.

    Post your name if you would like to be included.
    [UPDATE] Secret Santa is allowed upon request.

    If you need ANY more information Msg me or post on the thread.

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  2. Sounds good! I love Christmas events! n.n
    I might do this later, Imma bit busy atm
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  3. Is this like we put items in as presents then when the day comes we get a chest at random? Kinda like a secret santa thing?

    P.s. keep bumps till 6 hours after the last post :p
  4. No not exactly. People will know who the present is from. The present goes to who you want it to go to.
  5. I changed some things. Reread it.
  6. Updated it. Reread please.
  7. k i want in lol
  8. Alright Added to the list.
  9. R u in?
  10. R u in?
  11. No sorry. Im going to do something else to give my friends. Also you know you can quote both our msgs in 1 post
  12. I'm down.
  13. Meaning in I hope?
  14. I like this idea. I'm in.
  15. I'll participate in this.
  16. I'm in