[EVENT] Christmas Party! Valubles being given away!

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  1. This event has ended, sorry!
    I know a lot of people are going to be holding Parties but I thought I'd hold one myself, Everyone is invited! EVERYONE!

    Server: utopia
    Place: /v Chewsy4 3
    Day: this event has ended
    Time: EMC Time - 2PM / 14:00
    UK Time - 7PM / 19:00

    Fun Attractions:

    • Santa will be there giving presents
    • 2 Random people will be chosen to win a special prize!
    • Drop party droping Dragon Stone Fragment, Haunted Candy and more
    • Roller coaster and Maze!
    • Lots of Holiday fun!
    Be sure to donate if you want to get more grat prizes, as you can guess this can be quite expesive for me aha.
    Merry christmas =D
  2. Sounds like fun! I'll be there :)
  3. Note: Location changed to /v Chewsy4 in utopia, sorry for any confusions =p
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  4. I would like to donate some Dragon Stone Fragments, can I just give them to you tomorrow? :)
  5. If you could pop them into the donation box at /v +cc (smp8) that would be great! Thank you so much!
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  6. No Problem :D Thank you for hosting a Christmas party :)
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  7. Attending o3o
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  8. Bump - a - di dooo
    Come on guys, the Grand Prize is worth like 5k! why not come??
    P.S Grand prize is given to a completely random person at the end
  9. 1 hour and a half -ish until the party! I hope your all coming =D
  10. If I'm not working, will drop in. I'm mostly sitting afk at my place today due to on-call work requests. Thank you!
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