[Event!] Christmas Night!!!

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  1. Tomorrow morning I am having an event... The event is to give away items... Of course to spread holiday cheer! :p

    To receive a gift you must fill out this form...

    What you might want..(NOT expensive):
    I am giving out only 50 gifts! Hurry up!

  2. IGN: ErikRodhi
    Number: 1
    What I might want: I need snow, snow would be really nice...

    Merry Christmas!
  3. IGN: Dj__Krazy
    Number: 2
    What you want: I what some glass and sandstone...
  4. IGN: WolfThunderblade (WolfStormstrike if alts are allowed)
    Number: 17 (23 for WolfStormstrike)
    What I would like: An aikar head would be lovely, but seeing as that is expensive, Ill take glass, glass, and glass (blocks) XP

    If alts are allowed, I can post with my alt if you would like, just tell me XD
  5. IGN:Nick_godoy
    Number: 10 :D
    What I would like: Any r to help out with my new MegaMall! :D
  6. IGN: fireshadow52
    Number: 3
    What I would like: Hmmm... Rupees ( :D ), and any redstone items (dust, comparators, torches, etc.)

    I most likely won't be able to join in the morning, but perhaps later in the afternoon. Will the chests still be available at that time?
  7. IGN: xothis_dwarf
    Number: 38
    What you might want..(NOT expensive): sandstone/smooth sandstone
  8. IGN: cowland123
    Number: 7
    What I want: Emeralds :D
  9. IGN: boozle628
    Number: 17
    Wish list: anything from the economy destroying drop party, seeing I could not go.
  10. IGN: xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Number: 16 would be well appreciated. :)
    Wish List: Glowstone, Gold, Gold Nuggets, Iron, any player heads/mob heads, any of those items would be very appreciated. :)
  11. I wonder if rupees are expensive...
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  12. Rupees are okay with me
  13. Setting up now! :)
  14. You can post your alt
  15. 18
    i want building ideas for my mega malls
  16. Don't worry!!! I got a new Linux for Christmas!!! It will happen within a week!
  17. IGN: Snow_freak
    Number: 10
    Smooth stone and snow.
    And if possible a pufferfish :3
  18. IGN: Gadget_AD
    Number: 11
    All types of wood logs saps leaves and planks.
  19. IGN: ToriDesu (Will edit in alt)
    Number: 15
    What you might want..(NOT expensive): Birch wood, birch leaves, orange wool, and white wool are the items need
  20. ALL are acceptable for right now