[Event] Chris' Weekend Morning Mining

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  1. Hosted by: ChrisTheHylian

    The trip starts at 11:00am EMC/EDT!

    WHEN: Dates and Times vary from each event
    WHERE: Wastelands, SMP7; Coords + Directions to be announced on day of event
    WHAT: Mining
    WHY: Why not, right?
    DISCLAIMER: Other activities may be presented at the time of the event.

    All of my events are for fun, and fun alone. After attending various mining events over the course of little over a year now, I've finally decided to host my own little thing! I don't expect my events to be as large or well-known like others', but it's something that wouldn't hurt!

    It's not that we wish to be vague about the prizes and location, but much like Friday Night Mining, we like to keep it confidential until the last minute. We don't want people coming and stripping our spot of its materials.

    Please check on this thread on the day of the event (6/26) if you miss the location announcement in chat that day, we'll post it here.

    If you have any questions, please contact me!

    Prior Event: N/A
    Upcoming Event: 6/26
    Next Event: 7/2x (To be announced)
  2. I think you were inspired by my FNM on Sunday last weekend. Hehe good for you :)

    I should be hanging off that house and ready to pounce XD
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  3. You mean my mining event that you highjacked? :eek:
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  4. It was hosted by my event title :p You wanted to host it so I allowed it xD
  5. *steps back* uh... xD :confused::p:D
    And Foxy, I was gonna message you and let you know, but I didn't know if you'd be up this early xD
    Appears you beat me to it though lol
  6. I check fourms in the morning before I go to work, and look at the time I must go now. Good Luck on your event in 3 weeks!
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  7. Possibly, but I've been planning it for a while xD
  8. Thanks! Hope you can find a way to get the day off, would love to have you! :p
  9. I plan to start doing a Saturday mining event once a month once Foxy is back on his main hosting his Friday mining event. Since mom started the Sunday morning one you should let her have at least 1 Sunday a month for her to host hers. I wish you the best of luck with your event.
  10. I give her like, 2-3 weeks time. I plan on doing mine on either the 4th and/or last Sunday of the month. .3.
  11. Alrighty then.
  12. XD Believe me, T helped me plan, so its all good! ;)
  13. And Im in the artwork ;)
  14. I am gonna host a Saturday mining event once a month. I am unsure as to when the first one will be. I might start it before Foxy is back on his main.
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  15. Heh, I might maybe like host an event like this, but I have to think of a time and month to start off with.
    Probably like maybe Wednesday at like 3 pm, but I am still in the thinking process