[EVENT] Chest hunt!

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  1. I have hidden a chest on EMC and you guys can try to find it. It is packed with goodies. Everyday i will leave a clue to where it is. Credit to my local toade for the idea ^-^
  2. Somewhere on EMC. 10 servers. 3 worlds, of wich 2 also have 2 dimentions, and the end.
    I guess I'll wait for some hints first :p
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  3. Are you going to start us off with a hint?
  4. It's in town
  5. Next hint: Is on smp5
  6. Hint: They are a supporter
  7. Next hint: Their name starts with Pe
  8. I have found it.
    Here is where the chest was, and what it contained.

    The books are protection 4 and projectile protection 4, and the heads are crazy_X_gamer, a head renamed to AikarEmpireMC (I don't know the original player name), and UNREAL1TY respectively.
    This was fun. Hoping someone will do something like this again sometime!
    I would also like to add that I really like the 2 residences I got to explore for this, they both looked really nice.
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  9. Congratulations! :D Hope everyone enjoyed this, might consider doing this again with something rarer
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