Event Catering!

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  1. Need an event catered? Contact me or Flash4589 on the forums or in game about renting out our club!
    We provide Food/Drinks. Music (songs made from noteblocks). A beacon with changing colors! And Flashing lights! We will do anything you like, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, etc.! We make sure you never forget that special event!
  2. can I check the location out? I have an event coming up
  3. ok sure. fair warning IT WAS JUST GRIEFED. So we are in middle of repairing it wasn't too bad though! :D
  4. oh and it is wild s on smp8
    Go backwards from spawn
  5. :eek: a business in the wild? I'd like to see how this works :).
    If you need anything for repairing I'll try my best to help ya out ;)
  6. Great! I'd love to show it to you when we are on! :)