[EVENT] Casino Royale Grand Opening And Independence Day Fireworks Show

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  1. Event Type: Firework Display and Drop Party

    Event Description: This is the official grand opening of the Casino Royale on SMP9. Free Slot Machine Token Vouchers and Diamond Casino Member Vouchers will be dropped at the party. A huge firework display will be put on by yours truly. The fireworks display will last for some time. During that time you are free to browse the slot machines and play whatever you like. All of my slot machines are Fully Automatic and have been checked by a moderator.

    Event Date/Time: 3PM EMC Time (EST) On Friday, July 4th (May be subject to change)

    Event Location: The Casino Royale 19339 on Smp9

    Prizes: Free Iron Slot Machine Token Vouchers and Free Diamond Casino Member Vouchers.

    Donations: Player shops have been set up in the firework viewing area for rupee donations. There are also item donations as well. For Every 100r you donate, your name will be in a drawing to win 50% of whatever donations I receive during this event (e.g. 500r donation will enter your name 5 times in the drawing etc.). I will use www.random.org to select this winner. The number of your donation will be the number(s) you will receive. All donations will go toward the creating of other fully automatic casino games for your enjoyment.

    Hope to see you there!

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  2. [EDIT] The Event will start at 5:30PM EMC Time (EST)