[EVENT]Cami's Delightful Carnage (C.D.C) 4/25/2017

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  1. Welcome to...

    Cami's Delightful Carnage a.k.a C.D.C.

    Carnage will take place on 6/6/2017
    This will take place on SMP5 /mobarena
    Rounds start at 10P.M. EMC time/7PM PDT

    Tonight, we will fight through waves of mobs, all for one purpose; to win!

    I will be hosting a total of 4 rounds:

    2 Item Rounds
    2 Non item rounds

    Winners of No Items rounds gets 200 Tokens
    Winners of Items rounds gets 300 Tokens and all items that dropped

    * Normal item rounds: All armor, weapons and buffs allowed.
  2. Reserved for Past week winners :)
    Round 1 - No Items -

    Round 2 - Items -
    Round 3 - No Items -
    Round 4 - Items -
  3. How convenient that the Cami's Delightful Carnage takes place right there in the Center for Disease Control... I'll bet that really helps increase speed of treatment.
  4. Or maybe its a battle of all the escaped secret experiments they government has been hiding there :p
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  5. C.D.C and M.A.M. and N.E.R.D. Why can't you just name your mob arena- Cami's Mob Arena, instead of CDC or CDDARWMA (Cami's Death Defying Awesome Real Winning Mob Arena) :p
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  6. Please cure my poisonous potato sickness Cami. Can I schedule an appointment for tomorrow at 9PM?
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  7. I have come up with the perfect remedy :)
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  8. Yay cami hosts an arena! Finished my voter armor set ;) I'll be ready
  9. I won't be attending due to it being at 2am for me, I guess I will let someone else win this time.
  10. I
    I'll win it for you.
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  11. That was the best first mob arena that you held Cami. Well done! ;)
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  12. Thank you everyone who showed up to have some fun :D
  13. #1.9Hippie
  14. Its at 2 am for me so i won't be attending, good luck to all who go!
  15. I won't be able to attend either but you all have fun :p
  16. I approve of this celebration of my 45 years of blighting this planet. May the carnage fuel my growing malevolent powers! Mwahahahahaaa!
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  17. Had a blast thanks Cami for another day of amazing carnage ;)

  18. Just a little fun we had today at Mob Arena :D
  19. Ah, how the pot said to the kettle, but this is just a bit too late for me. I'll have to give Cami trouble another time..
  20. was the 6/6/17 event canceled?
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