[Event] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies 4v4 Grief!

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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies 4v4 Grief!

    This Event is a 4v4 Grief Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! To participate you need to have a complete team!
    We will begin the tournament when we have at least six teams! We will be accepting as many that apply!
    To participate you must have Xbox Live, CoD:BO 2 (or as in my case a friend who can come over), a four person team, and a microphone (per console)!

    Event Time/Date: The Tournament will be held approximately two weeks after all spots are filled! It will be held on a Saturday or Friday Night!

    Event Location: Xbox Live
    Prizes: Currently 20,000 Rupees and custom signatures

    Donations: We are accepting Donations for this event!
    Please contact me to donate!

    Team Name:
    Team Members:
    Time Zone:
    Do you have all the needed materials?:


  2. How do you do 4 vs 4 grief?
  3. We host a private match.
  4. Even if you do not yet have a full team please post. This will bump the thread and give an idea to me and Hash98 on how many people will be attending!
  5. i always get rayguns on my first run at the box... but i'm not going to participate, seems like fun though
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  6. Team Name: [To be determined]
    Team Members: Myself, Hxcami10, uglydragon [not decided] (Members will confirm later, cannot access forums atm)
    Time Zone: Me + Ugly: Eastern, Hxcami10: Mountain time
    Do you have all the needed materials: Umm..If Xboxes, live membership, and the game is all that is necessary then yes.
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  7. Heck yes I agree. Can we have people who aren't part of EMC play?
  8. Yes, but they will get no part of the reward. And at least HALF your team must be on EMC.
  9. I am definitely interested in this.
  10. Still need more teams!
  11. Don't forget that you can have 2 people on your team who are not on EMC!
  12. Consider my interest gotten.
    p.s. will need a team
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  13. Anyone still interested in this?
  14. if it was PC, i could join in, i hate consoles xD
  15. I am starting to become like this as well XD!!
  16. your sentence is invalid because it is impossible to get the raygun on grief...
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  17. did i mention grief in that sentence?
  18. no but this is only a grief thread as stated in the title
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  19. Damn it! I have ps3
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  20. me too
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