[EVENT] Building Competition

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  1. As You can tell from the title this is an awesome fun and challenging competiton to join.

    There are 2 competitors per game and you both get 20 minutes to build what is ever demand. The project is decided on by the wall of choice and someone will choose a hole and behind it lies a structure to build. The Entry price to build is 2,ooo rupees, this is because all of the equipment is provided to build and we need to keep the place running. This Competition has just launched and there are plenty of seats for viewers to watch. The Winner is chosen by the audience who is watching and the prize for winning is 4,000 rupees! If You would like to take part in this competition then just message below and i will get back to you with a date and time for you to compete, Thankyou.

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  2. The competition will take part most days at residence 1925 on smp1
  3. The time relates of EMC time and If a competiton is taking place it will always be on a sharp hour E.G. 14.00,17.00