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  1. Krysyyjane9191 has just now discovered NETHERSPLEEF!!!

    As a result, she wants to test it out ;)

    At 9:10 pm CST, there will be a netherspleef event on smp1.

    Type /v netherspleef on smp1 to get there.

    BRING NO ITEMS!!! You will be using your almighty fists for this testing.

    There will be 3 rounds. Each winner gets 1k rupees as a reward.

    See you there!!!
  2. Ooooh this should be fun to watch. :D
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  3. I'll try to be there!

    Edit: Second. Always miss out on "First!" due to me being Antarctican.
  4. I shall post the times for our international friends :D

    USA Pacific: 7:10 PM
    USA Mountain: 8:10 PM
    USA Eastern: 10:10 PM
    Europe Western: 3:10 AM/03:10
    Europe Central: 4:10 AM/04:10
    Europe Eastern: 5:10 AM/05:10
    Russia Moscow: 7:10 AM/07:10
    Russia Yekaterinburg: 8:10 AM/8:10
    Russia Omsk: 10:10 AM/10:10
    Russia Krasnoyarsk: 11:10 AM/11:10
    Russia Irkutsk: 12:10 PM/12:10
    Russia Yakutsk: 1:10 PM/13:10
    Russia Vladivostok: 2:10 PM/14:10
    Russia Magadan: 3:10 PM/15:10

    If there are more to be added, do tell :)
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  5. Thank You :D
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  6. I would love to come but am having an issue logging in after getting kicked from smp6. It says kicked whilst connecting to smp1: You can only be connected to one emc server at a time. or something along those lines. If you could know why this is happening so I could try to get there for this.
  7. Try again. Mine does this when i crash sometimes.
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  8. It took a solid 13 minutes to make that (not as easy as it looks, hahah :p). Thanks for thanking me :3
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  9. Can't come, but please let me know how it goes! :) A recording would be great. Good luck, and thank you!
  10. It is back!
    *does a happy dance*
    I have been waiting for the return since the dawn of several months ago!
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  11. Here are some screenshots I snagged before the first round. Thanks guys, that was fun 2014-01-28_21.16.00.png 2014-01-28_21.15.52.png 2014-01-28_21.15.58.png

    Edit * changed to thumbnails :)
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  12. Hope I can be there next time :3
    I really like nether spleef :p
  13. HOW have I not discovered this?!
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  14. Can we try to do this earlier next time?
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  15. Seconded. It was posted not even a half hour from the start of the event. C'mon, krysyy. :(
  16. >staff does event
    >people complain about it being too early
    >staff changed event to later as requested
    >people complain about it being to late
    >staff find some kind of middleground
    >australians complain about it being the day before
  17. I can't believe I missed this event. Look like so much fun :(
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  18. So how'd it go krysyy?
  19. Cool, moderated spleef!

    Likes all around!
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  20. This was meant as a TEST! I gave a 30 minute warning and stayed up past my normal bedtime to have fun with people that were online and play around with some ideas. It was NOT meant to be organized. Complaining about timing makes me not want to do these as much...