[EVENT] BQ's One Year Drop Party!

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should i have these type of events more often?

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Have events like this more often! 13 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Hey Guys! It's amazing it's already almost been 1 year on Empire Minecraft for me! In honor of that I have decided to host a Drop Party! it will be on September 18th 6:00 PM EMC time at 8083 on smp4 (you can also donate here up until September 17th)! (to check time in game do /time!) Due to it being far off in time the date or time may change if an issue occurs IRL with me! (if that happens I will make a post) this Drop party will be dropping valuables and possibly promos (you have to come to find out!) Along with it I have some.....Surprises planned!(be ready for anything! There will be a total of 3 events! :cool:) I hope to see all of you there, so mark you calendars and have an amazing time!

    Yours Truly,
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  2. Cool I will be there
  3. I shall be there .3.
  4. I will try 2 make it
  5. Congrats Dude! Im running close to 600 Days on EMC! Great to have you! I'll be there!
  6. Congrats on 600 days! and thanks for being a long lasting member and cant wait to see you!
  7. Yea congrats on 1 year
  8. Us oldies gotta stick together!! :):p
  9. Awesome. Happy 1 year.. :)
  10. Will try to go there! Happy 1 year!!!
  11. Happy 1 year!
    I still don't get why people give away stuff for these occasions instead of asking for stuff, but I'm not gonna turn down free stuff!
  12. Thank you all so much! since its tomarrow I will leak a little info... I have created a new wvent like parkour but slightly altered...:) and I am indeed giving away almost a SC of promos. nothing big I know but its all I could muster! anyways see all of you there! we are Dropping 9 DC of items!!!
  13. I'll be there :D