[EVENT] Bow Spleef!

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  1. Hello Empire! This Friday at 6:00 PM EMC Time I will be hosting a Bow Spleef Event! This is the first time the event will be hosted publicly since all the previous test were for working out the problems/bugs. It will be on Smp8 at 17138@bowspleef - Click the sign to enter!

    Thats cool and dandy south park but what will I need to play this? You will need the following items to play: A bow with the Flame Enchantment and arrows - Infinity Enchantment Highly recommended, you'll burn through a lot of arrows. I will not supply these.

    How to play? : The idea is simple, Once I turn on itemuse flag and Ignite Flags, the idea is to shoot the TNT with your flame bow to knock your opponents out of the arena. Once you or they fall, they will be teleported from the Audience where they can either watch those playing from the sides or use the Side teleports to get to the ceiling viewing area.

    • Have Fun
    • No block glitching (I reserve the right to remove you if you are caught cheating)
    So heres some quick reminders:

    Where: Smp8 - 17138@bowspleef
    When: Friday 6PM EMC Time (use /time to see the time *Its based off Eastern Standard Time)
    Items needed: Flame Bow with recommended Infinity enchant and arrows!
    Rounds: Depending on how much TNT I can amount, I plan to host 2-3 Rounds.

    Prizes: 10k Rupee prize + whatever donations are given!

    DISCLAIMER!: There is some lag on the residence due to the [TELEPORT] signs that kick you out of the arena. There is about 1050 of them. This many is a cluster of Data in one spot. I am fully aware of the frame drops in this area. Please visit the arena to see if your computer can handle. OPTIFINE RECOMMENDED!
  3. Sounds cool
  4. Aw man, you're makin' me leave my Wilderness island? I didn't think anything happened in Town on smp8. :p
    Well, this looks cool; I'm in!
  5. Bump! for others to see c:
  6. You should turn off enderpearls for the event.
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  7. I can't be there, school ends at 3:30 (6: 30 EMC time) and I have a club meeting that ends at 4:30 (7:30 EMC time),so yeah :/
  8. Bump for the Australians!
  9. Australia says its too early to come on sat morning =P. But will maybe come for the later rounds
  10. Midnight Bump!
  11. midnight reply
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  12. Midnight reply to a reply? 1 hour 21 minutes later? xD

    ...I was glad to be a tester of this :D
    I might not join, but I'll still be sure to spectate at the very least! :)
  13. hmm, you realise that first arrow that light tnt will start chain reaction ? ;)
  14. Nope...! They have the ignite flag on but the TNT flag off.
    One flag is to allow the ignition of TNT; the other, the explosion.

    Take it from me -- I thought the same thing you did at first, but when I tested it out (remember, I was a beta tester) I confirmed this to be 100% false. c:
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  15. Sounds like an awesome game. I've heard of regular spleef, but I've never tried bow spleef! Not sure if I can make it, but I'll try. :)
  16. Wow good to know new flag , thx ;)
  17. Not a problem! :D
    ...There still needs to be an entirely updated list of all available flags somewhere around here, though...
    *cough*new 50-page tutorial book*cough*
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  18. Happening in 2 hours 50 mins
  19. Aah! I gotta get to Town!
  20. Yep, about 8 minutes till it starts.
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