[Event] Bow Spleef Smp8

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  1. Time: I currently do not have a time and will schedule that around everyone's most available time.
    Where: Smp8 @ /v 17138@Bowspleef
    What do I need to bring?: A Bow that has Flame I with Infinity and 1 arrow.
    What do I win per round?: There are a few donated prizes and some which I've supplied ranging from a nether star to Miner Mincers. So basically either higher cost items/promotional.

    How do I play? Its easy, when the ignite flag is true, you attempt to knock others down by igniting the TNT by shooting your bow at their feet. Last one standing wins. Its that simple.

    A major rule of thumb: This tap out system isn't entirely perfect but its the best I can get it with EMC's current ingame mechanics. If in the event, if knocked down and not warped back to viewing area, I ask that you please tap yourself out by moving 1 block or re-visiting the residence if miraculously not working. Failure to do so and firing up from tap out zone will result in res kick/ban. Just don't do it!
    Also don't attempt to glitch your way back into the arena as that's an obvious action to circumvent my rules. Instant residence ban for that.

    Now to discuss time! There will not be a poll but I will take down the data of which you who post can attend at what day and time works best.
  2. I should be there around 4-6 pm emc time
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  3. I might try it out sometime but overall cool ;)
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  4. Id like to cone :)