[event] biggest sugar cane farm

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  1. This is just out of no were,but I just want to see who has the biggest sugar cane farm.This thread does come with a gift to the winner.

    I was just making a sugar cane farm 3 times as big as my old 1 and I wanted to see who can make the biggest.

    The gift to the winner is 3k

    Servers that can enter smp1-smp9 no utopia

    There is no utopia because of the res size

    Event ends on 2/29/13

    All you have to do is just post the pic and the res number under and if I see its huge I will come personally and see it
  2. Gosh darnit... I am building a 50x10x64 sugar cane farm in my secont res... but it isn't done! :(
  3. You have 4 more days
  4. Visit ninjaboy5656 third res... Smp2. Ninja and I built it together so if we win if solid the money with him.
  5. Pls post a pic
  6. Ok... Might be later then because I can't use a computer right now...
  7. does it have to be in town? or can it be in the wild?
  8. Of topic, but your sugarcane farm is not that big.
  9. 60X60 is quite large... Please stay on topic and keep your comments to yourself.
  10. Crazy1800 Would win.
  11. 60x60x4
  12. How do you measure "big"?
    Number of cane plants?
    I've built a fully automatic 60 x 60 farm for a customer, but of course, it can not have as many cane plants as a manual farm of same size.
  13. Town

    I would say big is a 60 x60 and 6 of the same 60x60 on top of each other
  14. I can't post a pic today... Ninjaboy5656 3 if you want to see it without a picture.
  15. Okay I will see it