[EVENT]Bat's Drop Party and Grief Party

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  1. The type of event will be a drop party followed by a grief party.


    After months of adventure and fun on this server, I've decided to quit EMC for 3-6 months :( . As an end party, I've decided to hold a drop party. this will have 50k of items worth of goodies. after the drop party is done, there will be a grief party following it! 2013-05-04_16.08.49.png 2013-05-04_16.08.56.png
    The time will be held at 6:30pm Mountain time on May 10th
    It will be held at 922 on smp1

    There will be so much prizes given out including:
    1x stack of diamonds
    3x stack of emeralds
    3x stack of iron
    3x stack of glowstone
    3x stack of exp. bottles
    12x+ enchanted diamond tools
    1x book redeemable for 1k
    1x book redeemable for 500r
    1x book redeemable for a merino farms membership
    and tons more random valueables!

    Donations will be accepted and added into the drop party

    Other: the following people will receive money at the drop
    spssanpsebatian: 5k
    shadow1944: 2k
    sha449: 2k
    rosy2696: 2k
    masterwaffle8: 1k
    robsmith27322: 1k
    buzzysweet: 1k
    onionboys: 1r
    NOTE: you must show up to the party to receive the money

    Please be there for tons of free prizes!!
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  2. Ill be there, when is it?
  3. Oh...nevermind...
  4. I'll be there, but what is mountain time?
  5. Ill try to be there can you make it on the 11th plz I can't come on the 10th
  6. I might be able to make it
  7. yay now my empty underground vault of chests will be full of stuff again :D
  8. i thot this was battmeghs : )
  9. Lol we are bats alike :p
  10. Ive calculated over 65k worth of items here so make sure to show up!
  11. I'll be there. Thanks for the help in my video btw bat.
  12. Sweet i can make it! i cant come to the 11th so im glad its the 10th:D i live in mountain time too, colorado:D SO AWESOME!
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  13. just want to know is thare a timer someone can make i forgot the site
  14. sounds like ill be able to make it
  15. um.... what time would this be in eastern?
  16. Eastern time will be 8:30pm
  17. What time is this in UK time or GMT?
  18. Gmt=12:30pm i THINK