[Event] AyanamiKun and HelloKittyRo's Horse Race!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about an event I'm hosting with AyanamiKun! So, AyanamiKun and I got together and decided to host an event! It's gonna be tons of fun, so get ready!!

    Things you need to bring:
    • Horse
    • Horse Armor (Not Needed, Optional)
    • Saddle
    • No Cheating
    • No Flying (has been turned off)
    • Don't brag if you win.
    • Don't be a bad loser.
    • Don't be a bad winner.
    • No hacking
    • Bring a horse.
    • You may not run.
    NOTICE: All EMC Rules still apply at this event.

    Location, Time, Date, and Hosts:
    Location: Utopia, /v 5910 (since they have the biggest residences!)
    Time and Date: Saturday, October 24rth, 2015 at 5:30 EMC Time.
    Hosts: AyanamiKun and HelloKittyRo

    1st Place: 6 heads and 5,000 rupees+ Donations
    2nd Place: 3 Heads and 3,000 rupees + Donations
    3rd Place: 1 head and 1,500 rupees + Donations

    How to summon stables: Do /stable summon #1. You must have a horse in your stable. (Do it once you teleport to the arena.)

    I hope to see you there!! (So does AyanamiKun.)

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