[Event] Auto Spleef Arena

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  1. Hello EMC

    Today i bring you yet another event and free to use to all build

    A Spleef Arena but with a twist!?!?! its a stone floor spleef arena there are 18 levels making for a fun event. Got knocked down a level dont stress you can hit the people above you also !

    We have have held several events and ill be holding more to make a video advertising this beast of a build!

    But wait i forgot to mention the best part about it !. The floor rebuilds it self . OMG SO COOL. Simple hit a button and bamm in 1 min you have a new spleef floor for a whole new round. Any and all type of picks are allowed and iron picks are set up for sale at the start in the rules room. Yes even iron pickaxes are pretty fast along side a haste 2 beacon

    So come on down and have some fun . Visit smp9 Res 18884!

    Special thanks to Origamijoe and Bigdavie for the help they provided

    Cant forget my beta testers
    Bigdavie "film crew"
  2. WOW!! I <3 this!
  3. This is Dwight and I approve this Spleef Arena.
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  4. Very awesome
  5. When will it take place?
  6. I realize this is semi-old but I have to say the idea for the regenerating stone is brilliant. :)

    When will this take place, and where?
  7. Read this again. :)
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  8. Oh .-.
  9. Nice Job Dwight
  10. It was Deathtomb8953 :p
  11. Is an event being planned?
  12. I think it's already a month over :p
  13. Why does nobody tell me these things....
  14. Post dates :p
  15. there are currently no planned events ill being doing on soonish for a youtube video on this project , just keep an ey out on the forums for it
  16. You could place hoppers on the bottom so when people mine the stone, you get free cobble/stone :p
  17. has been since before i opened it !