[EVENT] Art Class with Krysyy

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. School is back in session so we've chosen to have a class of our own on EMC.
    Join Krysyy tonight for EMC Art Class (Pictionary) at 8 pm EMC time.

    How to play:
    Krysyy will be drawing on a canvas while everyone watches.
    Everyone will attempt to guess what Krysyy is drawing.
    First to get it right will win.
    Prizes: Fun and maybe some rupees or something ;)

    Where are we playing:
    /v artclass on smp8
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  2. This sounds like loads of fun. :)
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  3. This should be fun :p
  4. This sounds fun, I'll try to be there!
  5. At least this event isn't paintful, not sure I will come, got some studying to do.
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  6. Awesome! I'll be there :D
  7. oooh, this sounds exciting ! i'm down :D i look forward to it and will definitely be there !
  8. Y'all better watch out, since Rhy's gonna outguess all of you >:]
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  9. Lol. I love these games. Can't wait..
  10. Oh gawd we got to watch krysyy drawl...Welp were in trouble no one is going to win jk jk. This sounds awesome krysyy can't wait.
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  11. I'll see if I can make it. Can't guarantee I'll win a round if more than one person attends, though.
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  12. Sounds fun, if I finish homework in time ill be there
  13. I would love to attend!
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  14. Ill be at scho- Wait :D I could make it.. Wait no.. Paper Delivery -.- Man my life is packed
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  15. Sounds amusing and a delight to partake in. Hope to see a lot of people out there, wherever it'll be.

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  16. I'm so there because I love pictionary
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  17. Honestly, I don't know why we'd need the art class. I think I'm pretty talented already. Here's a painting I made of what I expect tonight to look like:

    No, I'm not selling it, sorry.
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  18. Well, if you're not selling it, that means I can use it for free, right?
  19. Oh sure just let me check my To-Do list
    Hmm.. I think i can move things around to show up
  20. How does everyone watch? Is it a stream?