[Event] Almost 100 Followers

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about an event I'm hosting! So, I currently have 90 followers! I'm almost at 100 :). 10 more to go! So, since I'm very happy about that, I'm going to host an event for it!

    Thank you followers for following me:
    77revolnipsehc, Abele, Agennt, Ahksel, Alia_Bear, Alyattalya, AmyDoran, AnonReturns, Aphaea, autumrain26, AyanamiKun, BeNub, BlinkyBinky, Boozle_, BurgerKnight, CDJS, CHARLIE4872, Chewsy, ChickenDice, ChrisFlareon, ChumMiner, Completition, CupCakeNikkie, CyborgTed, DatzMine, Decoy254, DH32, DoctorMadFate, DragonRock13, EnderMagic4, EquableHook, Equinox_Boss, Eviltoade, FluffeMarshmallo, FWRonald, f_Builder_s, Gadget_AD, Gage9942, GDTrekkie, GetStrafedM8, haastregt, highlancey54, iiHershey, Inna310, JPGamer1000, khixan, KillerGamez101, Krysyy, Kytula, LadyJaye, Lance2013, LBoss9001, luckycordel, LuckyPat, mercenaries2009, MercenaryCrow, MustangLover25, NebulaBen, NewNameHere, Nighthawk3846, Olaf_C, OrigamiJoe, Palmsugar, paws_4_life, pinkqueen95, pixelcookie1, PMSubhan, RainbowChin, RainbowPony, RiokuXian, Salmatic, ShadowMiner787, ShellyLuser, ShyNub, SoundlessVoice, Sunny_Chicken, Sweetie_Pea, TechFilmer, TechNinja_42, TheWiseBiscuit, Timeless16, tr000guru, TromboneSteve, tuqueque, UltiPig, VictorianFleur, we3mendi, WolfInAction, Xenarchy, _Sliver, Miss_Peevle., and ItsMeEmpire.

    Thank you for following me!!! Do you wanna be on the list to, though? Give me a follow and I'll put you on it!!

    The event will be a drop party on Saturday, October 24rth, 2015 at 6:00 EMC Time, on Smp. Please make sure you donate! The Res will be /v .

    Please come! :)

  2. Where it will be and more information will be given out soon.
  3. What smp? I just says "on Smp." And I hope I can come!
  4. Not known yet. =P And hopefully you can come!