[EVENT] A Poof-tacular Drop Party

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  1. Mr_Poof_ and poofasaurus cordially invite you to a


    Sunday, August 28 at 4pm EMC time.
    Res 4100 on smp2
    Res designed and built by bitemenow15

    A very special drop party where we plan to shower you with gifts!
    Donations are being accepted at +poof on smp2 and utopia.

    Be there so we can shower you with free stuff including promos, vouchers, player heads, renamed enchanted gear, gems, and so much more.!

    EDIT: I have had several people ask me why the party clashes with UHC. I spoke with Chin who said he is out of town on the 28th, so there will be no UHC. Our party won't have as much death and destruction, but it should still be pretty fun. :p

    All promos, rares, and vouchers to be dropped at available for preview at +poof on smp2.
  2. Today is the day!
    Over 32 DC of stuff totaling over 12 million in rupees.
    Also, a special announcement!

    Come celebrate with us!
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  3. cool! I will try to come and 1st xD
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  4. a lot of ppl have school in that time....? is there a chance u will change the time to like 5 or 6 emc time?
  5. Thank you!
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  6. Are you in school during August? :confused:

    I'll try to be there, poof! Sounds awesome :)
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  7. Sounds awesome! I should be there :p
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  8. I'll be there :D
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  9. Well, it's a Sunday... so I'm hoping no one has school at 4pm. I wanted to schedule it before most people eat dinner and also so UK friends can join.
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  10. only 11pm for me :p
    i'll try to be there
    sound like a great party :p
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  11. I start school in late August.
  12. I'm hoping you're not in school on a Sunday ;)
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  13. I will be there Poof ;)
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  14. If I can, I will be there
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  15. Ill be there!
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  16. Oh OK lol thx!
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  17. Bump
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  18. Bump. Ty to all who have donated. Chests with preview signs have been set up at my shop to preview dropped promos. :)
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  19. I'll be there :p
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