[Event] 9008 Arena Opening Ceremony!

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  1. It's finally done and now its time to open! Come along to the 9122 Arena opening ceremony hosted on 9008!
    9122 arena.png

    Date- Friday 15th February 2013 (subject to change)
    Time- 6PM GMT (subject to change)
    Res-9008 SMP4
    Spleef Tournaments
    Pig racing
    XP Party!
    20r Spectate (buy in advance or pay on the door!)
    25r play in spleef (please tell me in advance)
    Pig racing free (max 6 people)
    If you would like to participate in spleef or pig racing contact me! Prizes for winning!
    With thanks to
    nfell2009- Helped me build, donated money and stone!
    ben_taylor10- Donated stone and wood
    Dathin- Donated 11 Stacks of stone!
    sqiggleyjeff- Donated 11 stacks of stone!
    fellyboy- Helped build, partner with 9122!
    2013-01-26_23.37.20.png 2013-02-11_22.08.06.png
    2013-02-11_22.08.31.png 2013-02-11_22.08.51.png
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    Remember 9122 is the name of the arena, not the res number. 9008 is the res number!
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  3. I might cry... :(
  4. Why?
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  5. Because... He got banned maybe?!
  6. He can use fellyboy's account?
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  7. Bump! Come on guys!
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  8. The sig says he'll get an alt, so I assume they banned Fellyboy too.
  9. Fellyboy's not banned...
  10. fellyboy is not banned, it's his brothers account.
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  11. Bump! I need more interest for this to happen.
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